I look at photography as a means to explore things that we have a hard time seeing in our daily lives. Whether these are moments that we pass by or things around us that we rarely examine. I use the act of investigation as a source for inspiration and photography as it’s conduit. I find myself being always drawn to the characters, the motion, the timing and the interactions. Often there isn’t enough time taken to look at the small details or subtle nuances of what’s going on. I have the power to stop time and visualize what happens in those in-between moments.


I have been a working photographer an all around creative for over five years. I have worn multiple hats from creating and executing ideas for brand campaigns to managing large scale print projects. Having worked both sides of the lens, I use my photography skills with more in mind than just a final photo. Some of my photo skills include: in-depth retouching/color-correction, archiving, HDRI, panoramas, compositing.